Current Admin Charges

Just a quick post to make everyone aware of the current admin charges-

As it is unfair on other leaseholders to share the cost of dealing with breaches of lease, anti-social behaviour, vandalism or carelessness by individual residents the following administration charges will be levied.

Tampering with smoke detectors – up to £500

Vandalism – up to £250 plus cost of the repair

Unauthorised disposal of household goods – up to £250 plus cost of disposal

Anti-Social behaviour – up to £250

Soiling / littering of common areas – up to £100

Smoking in designated no smoking areas – up to £100

General breach of the lease – minimum £100

Displaying flags or coloured curtains or blinds in windows – up to £  75

Payment of these charges must be made within 5 days of notification, if not paid within time no more than two reminders will be issued, on each occasion the fee will increase by £50.

In the event that the resident fails to pay and the matter is referred to the leaseholder (owner) an additional fee of £150 will apply.

In the event that the leaseholder does not resolve the matter then legal action will commence under the terms of the lease. All legal fees will be added to the administration charge.

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