Leaseholder & Owner Information

Leaseholder (Owner) Information

In addition to the information provided to residents, which you should be fully conversant with, the following relates to leaseholders (owners)

Firstly 55 Degrees North is not a hotel, an aparthotel, or serviced apartments – it is a residential building.

The letting or sub-letting for a short period and/or the use as weekend stays, serviced apartments etc. is a breach of the lease. The lease is specific in restricting the use of the premises “private residential for the occupation of one family unit only”. 

Lettings should always be in the form of an Assured Shorthand Tenancy Agreement. 

Contact Information

In the light of the Grenfell tragedy it is important that we have contact details of all owners and residents. Please either completes the form at

Further information and assistance in letting is available from our approved letting agent:

21 Grey Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne

0191 222 1000

Building Insurance Claims

Historically almost all insurance claims have been due to water leaks, often caused by failure to maintain the shower and associated water seals. It is the leaseholders (owner’s) responsibility to ensure this maintenance is carried out; a small undetected leak in one apartment can cause damage in several adjacent apartments resulting in substantial costs which may or may not be covered by insurance and will be the leaseholders (owner) responsibility to rectify.

The management company can provide a maintenance service via an approved contractor, contact the concierge for details

In the event of a potential insurance claim the following process must be observed

a) Take any immediate steps you can to limit any damage i.e. turn off water

b) Notify the concierge, who will arrange for the damage to be assessed to ascertain if it warrants an insurance claim

Please note no insurance claims will be considered if the above procedure has not been followed.

Lease Obligations

It is recommended that you make yourself familiar with your obligations under your lease; however we have listed below some of the items that cause the most issues.

It is not permitted:

For voices, televisions, radio, etc. to be audible outside the apartment

To hang or expose so as to be visible from outside the Premises any clothes or washing or other articles of any description

To have curtains and blinds other than white or cream 

To keep pets, animals, reptiles etc. of any nature

To cause any obstruction to any access ways, roads, parking spaces, passageways

To erect any tv aerial or satellite dish

To alter the outer face of any apartment door

You must ensure that:

If your apartment has a balcony or terrace it is kept clean and unobstructed, any gate separating one from another must be kept unlocked and unobstructed at all times and must not be modified in any way

All requirements relating to fire precautions and fire escape, are observed and that smoke detectors are not deactivated or tampered with

Your apartment is kept clean and tidy and the windows are cleaned at least every three months

Your apartment is kept good and substantial repair, and that routine maintenance is carried out



Breach of lease 

Any breach of the lease will be vigorously pursued and all charge in doing so, including if necessary any legal charges will be your liability

Service Charge

Owner’s service charges and ground rent payments are administered and collected by Kingston Property Services.

These should be paid on time and in accordance with any arrangements made by Kingston, failure to do so will result in administration charges being applied.

Other costs

Should your tenant be the subject of a charge against them for any reason and they do not pay, you will be liable for such charges as you are also ultimately liable for your tenant’s behaviour and observance of the lease