Residents Information

55 Degrees North – Residents Information

Dear Resident

Welcome to 55 Degrees North, we hope you enjoy living in our iconic building

The following information is provided to ensure that you are aware of how the building operates and your responsibilities as a resident.

The building is managed on a day to day basis by 55 Degrees North Ltd (the management company)

The concierge is the first point of contact for any queries or reporting issues.

The concierge is stationed in reception, however their duties throughout the building mean that they may not always be there, at such times they can be contacted on 07934 853 660 during working hours (8.00 am – 4.30pm Mon-Fri)

Contact with the management company is by email to, 



Building Access for Residents

24 hour access to 55 Degrees North is via a key fob system, the fobs allow access to  the main entrance door situated on the plaza, the car park pedestrian gate, the car park stairs to lobby door and the entrance doors on level -1.

 Do not hold open doors for others they will have a fob if they are authorized to enter

To ensure no breaches of security, the police have advised the following precautions:

Do not let anyone else have access to your fob

Do not let anyone in through the intercom who you do not personally know, however plausible their explanation 

If your fob is lost or stolen, or you are aware of any security breaches you should report it to immediately.

Building Access for Residents Personal Visitors

The intercom system allows residents to admit their visitors to reception, it is then their responsibility to meet the visitor and escort to the apartment. The resident is responsible for the actions and behaviour of any visitors they admit to the building.

Building Access for Non Residents

Contractors, agents, tradesmen, deliveries etc. can gain access via the concierge; this is to prevent unauthorised access and to ensure compliance with health and safety requirements.

Car Park Access

Car Park Access for Authorised Users

24 hour access for those with an authorised car park space is via key fob radio transmitter which operates the main car park gate located at the bottom of Carliol Square

Users must park in their authorised bay only and display a current parking permit at all times, failure to do so will result in a parking charge being administered (currently £100)

Car Park Access for Contractors/Deliveries

Access for contractors and deliveries during the hours of 8.00am -4.30pm is by calling the concierge via the intercom at the car park gate. The concierge will explain the terms upon which access is allowed.

Replacement Fobs/Parking Permits 

These can only be ordered by the apartment owner and are chargeable

Access to apartments for maintenance and repairs or emergency

When it is necessary to enter an apartment for maintenance or repairs, the management company will give 48 hours written notice. In the event of an emergency (e.g. water leak) the management company may gain access without notice.


Anti-Social Behavior 

While the majority of anti-social incidents relate to noise, other instances relating to inconsiderate behavior, both within apartments and in communal areas, smoking, making a mess, etc., in fact anything that impinges on the right of quiet enjoyment and affects the quality of life of other residents is classed as anti-social.

Reporting Anti- Social Behavior

If you have an issue with anti-social behavior, please report each and every incident online. We have a simple online report form on the website, the process is completely anonymous and automated. We will investigate and take up the matter with the letting agent and/or owner. These reports provide an evidence trail which is essential when it comes to evicting problem residents

Noise nuisance – any instances of excessive noise either day or night can be reported to Newcastle City Council Noise Team 24 hours a day on 0191 278 7878 

General nuisance or misbehavior should be reported to the police on 101


24/7 CCTV is in operation in the communal areas and relevant external entrance areas. The door entry fob system is linked to the CCTV to increase security and safety within the building

Communal Areas

Communal areas are used regularly by a significant number of leaseholders, tenants, quests, potential purchasers and new tenants. They are important in creating the right impression of 55 Degrees North.

Please keep all communal areas clean and tidy at all times and do not drop litter. Please also take care not to damage paintwork, doors or lifts as repair bills are charged to owners through the communal service charge. That said however if you are identified as causing any damage or mess you will be responsible for any costs involved (please see appendix 1)

Personalisation in the communal areas is not permitted. It is expressly forbidden to leave household waste outside your apartment.

It is not permissible to allow children to play in the communal areas.

Any maintenance issues should be reported to the concierge.

Electricity failure in your apartment

Check the fuse box to ensure a failed bulb or such like has not tripped the fuse, if so, reset it. If not resolved report the problem to your landlord.


In the event of an emergency (other than fire) during the hours of 08.00 to 16.30 the first point of contact is the Concierge

Emergencies are considered to be something that is either an immediate danger to your safety and /or an issue which could cause additional or unnecessary damage to the property or adjacent properties if not attended to immediately

Examples of an emergency are: total electrical failure or water leaks in the communal areas.

Examples of non-emergencies are lift breakdowns, lost fobs/keys, failure of electricity in apartment.

Out of hour’s emergency cover:

16.30 to 08.00 – T3 Security 07720 089 340

T3 charge for their services so before calling please ensure it is a genuine emergency; otherwise you will be personally liable for any charges relating to that call out, leaseholders will be ultimately responsible for any charges issued to their tenants

Fire & Safety

Fire Alarm Test

The Fire alarm system is tested on a Tuesday afternoon, normally between 1pm – 3pm. Please be aware that although this is a regular occurrence attention should be paid if the alarm sounds for a longer period than normal and appropriate action taken.


If you discover a fire take the following actions

Raise the Alarm

Leave the Building

Ensure the Fire Brigade have been called

The full Evacuation procedure can be found in appendix 2, please make you aware of the procedure

Apartment Detectors

The smoke detectors within each apartment are linked to the main fire alarm control panel, Under no circumstances must they be tampered with as not only can this cause faults on the system it is dangerous and expensive to do.

All charges incurred due to tampering with a detector will be recovered from the resident (please see appendix 1 for guidelines) 


The lift doors must not be blocked or restricted from closing as this prevents other users accessing the lift. 

In the event of an out of hours emergency, i.e. passengers stuck in lifts, or both lifts out of action together the emergency engineers tel no is 0845 634 3172. Please however be aware before calling as any unnecessary call outs will result in the caller being charged the call out fee


Under the terms of the lease apartments must be kept in good repair, if you are renting it is your responsibility to report any issues to your landlord, who is responsible for rectifying them


The concierge operates a parcel service for owner residents only. Other residents must make their own delivery arrangements. 


It is not permissible to keep any pets, or any bird fish or other animal


Individual lockable post boxes are located in the lift lobby on the ground floor

Refuse disposal

The bin Store is situated in the carpark adjacent to the steps at level -1

Normal Household Waste

All normal waste should be placed in sealed bags carefully transported and deposited in the bins provided (metal bin with black lid)


Refuse for re-cycling (paper, cardboard, etc.) should be flattened and placed directly 

(i.e. not in bags) into the re-cycling bin (metal bin with blue lid)

  Glass & Bottles

Glass and bottles should be placed in the glass re-cycling bins (dark blue plastic bins)

Bulky items/ Furniture

These must not be deposited within the bin store, to dispose of such items call Newcastle City Council on 0191 278 78 78 and ask for ENVIROCALL and arrange for direct collection

Do not leave any rubbish or bin bags anywhere other than in the bins.

The bin store is monitored by CCTV and charges will be levied if the procedures are not followed.

Resident Contact Details

In the light of the Grenfell tragedy it is important that ALL residents supply contact details in the case of an emergency, you can either complete the form at or provide the details to the concierge


Smoking is not allowed in the communal areas, including the car park or external areas adjacent to entrance doors.

Use of the premises 

The use of the premises is restricted to “private residential for the occupation of one family unit only. If you suspect overcrowding or short term (weekend) letting please notify the concierge. This is for your own benefit as most cases of anti-social behaviour are caused by non-residents or visitors

Visual appearance

It is not permitted to hang or display any clothes, washing, or other articles such as flags and banners, signs etc. that are visible from outside.

Curtains and blinds must be either cream or white only, no other colours are allowed.

Residents should ensure that the windows of the apartment (both the inside and outside) are kept clean.

Water Leaks

If you have a leak in your apartment

Turn your water off at the stop cock in the tank cupboard (if water is still escaping contact the concierge to investigate and isolate the water supply to your apartment)

In any event the leak must be reported to the concierge.

Water leaking into your apartment from elsewhere

During the hours 08.30 to 16.30 notify the concierge.

During the hours 16.30 to 08.30 check with the adjacent apartments and those above to see if the occupants are aware of a leak and ask them to turn their water off to prevent further damage. Notify the concierge as soon as possible.

If the water leak is major, telephone the out of hour’s emergency number

Appendix 1

55 Degrees North

Current Administration Charges

As it is unfair on other leaseholders to share the cost of dealing with breaches of lease, anti-social behaviour, vandalism or carelessness by individual residents the following administration charges will be levied.

Tampering with smoke detectors – up to £500

Vandalism – up to £250 plus cost of the repair

Unauthorised disposal of household goods – up to £250 plus cost of disposal

Anti-Social behaviour – up to £250

Soiling / littering of common areas – up to £100

Smoking in designated no smoking areas – up to £100

General breach of the lease – minimum £100

Displaying flags or coloured curtains or blinds in windows – up to £  75

Payment of these charges must be made within 5 days of notification, if not paid within time no more than two reminders will be issued, on each occasion the fee will increase by £50.

In the event that the resident fails to pay and the matter is referred to the leaseholder (owner) an additional fee of £150 will apply.

In the event that the leaseholder does not resolve the matter then legal action will commence under the terms of the lease. All legal fees will be added to the administration charge.

Appendix 2

Fire Evacuation Procedure

What you must do if you discover a fire:

  • Raise the alarm – Shout Fire, Fire, Fire and operate the nearest break-glass alarm call point to warn everyone in the building there is a fire.

If you suspect a fire still raise the alarm. Do not search for the seat of the fire. Opening the door to a room in which there is a fire could have serious consequences. Leave any search to the fire brigade. 

  • Call the Fire Brigade immediately by dialing 999 even though the fire alarm is connected to a remote Automatic Fire Alarm monitoring station.
  • Ensure the building is being evacuated – alert Concierge during office hours.
  • Only tackle the fire with a portable fire extinguisher it is safe to do so and you know how to use one.
  • Use the correct type of extinguisher.
  • Keep your escape clear by ensuring the fire is not between you and an escape route to outside.

What you must do if you hear ‘Fire’ be shouted or the fire alarm sounding:

  • Leave the building PROMPTLY – DO NOT attempt to collect personal belongings.
  • Close doors behind you, only if time permits.
  • Observe any specific instructions about isolating equipment, or services.
  • Use your nearest exit (follow the green ‘Running-man’ signs)
  • If you find fire, or smoke blocking your route then use an alternative one.
  • Do not use lifts.
  • Once out of the building proceed to the designated Fire Assembly Point (on the piazza opposite the glass front doors on Level 0). Listen to instructions given by Fire Marshals, or Wardens.
  • Move away from the building and keep entrances clear for the Fire Brigade.
  • Do not go back into the building until you are informed it is safe to do so.

Silencing the alarm is not a signal to re-enter the building.


Instruct visitors what exit to use and/or escort them outside and direct them to the Fire Assembly Point.

Whenever possible ensure that disabled persons who may have difficulties are accompanied