55 Degrees North Access Policy

Building Access


24 hour access to 55 Degrees North is via a key fob system, the fobs allow access to  the main entrance door situated on the plaza, the car park pedestrian gate, the car park stairs to lobby door and the entrance doors on level -1.

Residents Personal Visitors

The intercom system allows residents to admit their visitors

Non Residents

Contractors, agents, tradesmen deliveries etc can gain access via the concierge between the hours of 8.00am and 4.00pm Monday to Friday; this is to prevent access by unauthorized persons and to ensure compliance with health and safety requirements for site visitors.

Car Park Access

Residents and Other Authorized Users

24 hour access for those with an authorised car park space is via a key fob radio transmitter which operates the main car park gate.

The parking permit indicating the authorised bay number must be displayed at all times, one permit and one radio transmitter are allocated to each parking bay owner

Non Residents

Access for contractors and deliveries during the hours of 8.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday is by calling the concierge via the intercom system

Ordering of Fobs and Car Park Permits

Building fobs, car park fobs or parking permits can only be ordered by owners (leaseholders) who are responsible for their use and safe keeping.

A record should be kept of the serial numbers of the fobs in the event a replacement is required.

Where the owner has an appointed management agent they must email forum@55degsnorth.co.uk confirming the following

I ———- owner of apartment ———– confirm that ———————————– are appointed as my managing agent and have my authority to order replacement fobs or permits on my behalf. I also confirm that they will be responsible for the management of all my fobs and permits and will keep details of serial numbers and users and will also ensure they recover them at the end of any tenancy agreement.

Fobs or permits must be collected and signed for from the concierge, anyone other than the owner who collects must provide proof of identity.

To be clear, if you are renting you cannot order fobs or permits.

Residential Building Access

At each door there is a simplekey reader with a red indicator light.

To gain access simply present your fob to the reader, the light will turn to green when the door is open.

Car Park Access – for authorised users

Press the left hand button on the transmitter to operate the car park vehicle gate.

All vehicles must be parked in their allocated bay and must also display the current 55Deg North parking permit.